Natinuel line, created for care and health of the skin, is based on the latest research and innovations in the field of dermatology as well as on the established experience in the field of aesthetic cosmetics acquired by a carefully selected innovative scientific team. The most important feature of Natinuel line is the fact that it constitutes an ideal ‘bridge’ between medicine and aesthetic cosmetics, which has become possible due to departure from the obsolete concept of medicine and opening of new possibilities through introduction of molecular products to aesthetic cosmetics. Each product for professional and home use contains a set of active ingredients selected in such a way as to mitigate different skin problems and the imperfections resulting from them in a synergetic and targeted way.


Natinuel is being created as an effective and targeted response to the needs of the present-day woman who in a modern way strives for being beautiful and feeling beautiful. It is supposed to protect the ‘biologic capital’ of the skin. Protection against wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and gravitation folds is not enough - today, the cosmetic research has a new objective. It no longer concentrates on the ‘symptoms’ – its perspective is more comprehensive: it focuses on the skin, trying to prolong the effectiveness of its metabolism. The cosmetic research centres operate on a similar basis as general medicine, which in the recent decades has allowed for increase of the average length of human life and now cares about keeping of the ‘baby-boomer’ generation in good health, prolonging the period of their so-called ‘active life’. The anti-aging perspective has been expanded; today, it strives for an increase of the potential of the activeness of the cells, prolonging the average period of life of keratinocytes, untying the knots in the collagen threads and putting attention - for the first time - to the stem cells. In this trend, Natinuel has a privileged position. This approach is supported by the results of the scientific research and its effects are guaranteed by the science and cosmetic technologies.


Molecular bioceutical products are the latest-generation products for professional and home use, which are able to completely revolutionise treatment of skin imperfections, both at a beauty studio and at home. They are products characterised by very high dermatological activeness, in which solely substances with scientifically proven effectiveness and having actually active biochemical mechanism of affecting different skin cells are used. Molecular bioceutical products, characterised by synergetic effects of the active compounds contained therein and by the interactivity-based functioning method, affect all structural changes on the level of epidermis, dermis and the membrane connecting dermis with epidermis in a selective way, preventing occurrence of any skin imperfections to great extent. New door opens in the world of the aesthetic cosmetics: molecular bioceutical products - a perfect combination of science and biotechnology.


Natinuel is a modern bioceutical line developed and created on the basis of a careful analysis of the scientific research relating generally to skin aging (chrono- and photo-aging) and in particular a number of biofunctional and structural changes connected with this process, which lead to occurrence of various skin imperfections. At Natinuel, we find a perfect synergy between science and advanced biotechnologies. Every product included in the line has been developed in such a way as to be perfect in the smallest details, both in terms of its structure and in terms of its bioactive properties. The line has full scope of application: it treats the skin in its entire structural complexity, targeting its specialist effects at: EPIDERMIS, MEMBRANE CONNECTING DERMIS WITH EPIDERMIS, DERMIS,


Natinuel is the first brand that launches on the beauty care market the interactivity concept: real effects of BIOLOGICAL MICROSURGERY, the objective of which is complete restyling of all structural elements that the aesthetic parameters being the indicator of the true rejuvenation and biological restructuring on an unprecedented scale depend on. Simultaneous effects in various skin layers combined with high degree of micro-zone specialisation result in the fact that the INTERACTIVE care is something indisputably innovative, which has been inconceivable in the world of the aesthetic cosmetics until quite recently.


For those who deal with molecular bioceutical products, the basic assumption is putting attention to the latest discoveries, to the new cosmetic inventions, to the resources provided by science and technology as well as to the most innovative raw materials. This is why Natinuel has avant-garde scientific facilities, thanks to which research and development of new formulas and new solutions is our strength. In this way, the beneficial effect of the individual active ingredients may be combined, achieving the best result possible both at a beauty studio and at home. This challenge - the challenge to achieve the best results possible - is being overcome by Natinuel day by day thanks to the philosophy of work which puts research first.

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