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Apparat micro-needles mesotherapy

Micro-needle mesotherapy device

Skin Pen Natinuel is one of the most advanced automatic devices that fractionate into micro-needles, equipped with a motor (German technology) and needle length adjustment. Taking advantage of the automatic vertical needle technology. 

Skin Pen Natinuel easily and effectively penetrates the skin, creating numerous micro-channels during only a few seconds. A treatment with the application of micro-needles is effectively used in the case of thin lines of wrinkles, deep wrinkles, stretch marks and acne scars, and in the case of treatments applied to prevent excessive hair loss. Skin Pen Natinuel can be used for all skin types. Automatic Micronization contributes to the creation of millions of micro-channels, deep down in the epidermis layer, which significantly support the trans-epidermis transport of localized active substances. Based on the depth of micro-needle perforation, a treatment may refer to the epidermis or skin.