Bio Proderm AHAs 14% KMK

Bio-stimulating, regenerating cream

Cream with intensive bio-stimulating and regenerating action suitable for the care of mature skin. Contains substances characterized by high biological activity, which interact synergically, revitalizing the cellular metabolism and rebalancing the catabolic and anabolic processes. They create ideal bio-chemical conditions for intensive structural renewal of the skin combined with complete rejuvenation in functional and aesthetic terms at numerous levels of the skin tissue. 


BENEFITS: improves cellular cohesion, elasticity and firmness of the skin • accelerates metabolic processes • lifts the oval of the face • helps to maintain an optimal moisture level • has anti-wrinkle and smoothing properties • makes the skin radiant and its colour uniform • improves resistance of the skin to adverse external factors

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:  Glycolic Acid • Pyruvic Acid • Malic Acid • Lactic Acid • Matrixyl- 6 • Urea • Sericin • SPF Medium


Code: D10

Capacity: 50ml