Normal Cream

Anti-oxidant, anti-glycation, moisturizing cream

Product rich in innovative active substances, intended for treatments the purpose of which is immediate normalization of moisture level and restoration of skin protection barrier. The biochemical effect is particularly important, as it prevents premature enzymatic degradation of substances newly synthesized by fibroblasts. It is a complete and base product for skin rejuvenation and regeneration treatments. 


BENEFITS: inhibits MMPs • has an anti-glycation effect • has anti-oxidant properties • regenerates the skin's protective barrier • moisturizes • prevents dehydration and drying out of the skin • counteracts cellular stress marks

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Oligopeptide -20 • Umectol • Hydraprotectol SM • NSLE Complex • Carnosine • Sylibum Marianum

Code: P13

Capacity: 150 ml