Protector SPF 50+

Protective, anti-oxidant cream

Cream with maximum sun protection SPF50+. Ideal for delicate skin of children and adults during the first days of exposure in the conditions of strong insolation. Suitable mainly for the skin with light complexion, sensitive, susceptible to hyperpigmentation and burns. SPF 50+ protector contains micronized mineral filters, which guarantee a wide spectrum of protection. Effectively protects the skin against thermal stress caused by exposure to the sun. It is photo-stable and waterproof. Owing to its liquid consistency it can be easily distributed and doesn’t leave white marks on the skin. Provides a reliable skin protection and a healthy, even and permanent suntan. 


BENEFITS: a high sun protection factor protecting skin against UVA and UVB radiation • excellent bioprotection of cell structures • intense antioxidant activity • prevents the occurrence of pigmented spots • improves and fixes uneven skin tone • strengthens the skin’s protective barrier against harmful external factors • exhibits soothing properties

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Parsol MCX • Tinosorb M • Unipure White • Aperoxid Complex • Shea Butter 

Code: S01

Capacity: 50ml