The Look

Rejuvenating cream

the skin around the eyes

Multifunctional new generation bioceutical product featuring highly concentrated active ingredients. Has an effect on numerous skin imperfections around the eyes such as: loss of firmness, dehydration, laughter lines, dark circles and under eye bags. This product is ideal for a complete renovation and rejuvenation of the whole area around the eyes.


BENEFITS: noticeably reduces the frequency of facial muscle contractions • reduces laughter lines • eliminates fine lines • removes dark circles and under eye bags • evens out your skin tone • the skin becomes firm and smooth with improved elasticity

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Pentapeptide -3 • Hexapeptide -8 • Palmitoyl Tripeptide -3 • Hesperidin Methyl Calcone • Dipeptide -2,4 • Tetrapeptide -7 • Oligopeptide • Tripeptide -3 • Chrysin Complex 

Code: D14

Capacity: 15ml