Cromo Plus SPF 20

Bio-protective spray recommended to even out the skin colour and suntan

Multifunctional body lotion in spray with extensive bio-protective action. Contains active substances which effectively prevent the skin from photo-aging. They protect DNA of the cells from harmful effect of UV rays, provide the skin with a high level of photo-protection and prevent it from sun burns. They homogenize the skin colour and maximally highlight suntan in every aspect of aesthetics, i.e. evenness of the colour, brightness and quality of suntan. 


BENEFITS: protects the skin against the harmful influence of free radicals • suppresses the photo-aging process • prevents cellular DNA from damage caused by UV rays • makes the skin resistant against harmful effect of UV rays • reduces skin irritations • prevents the occurrence of the redness of a sunburn • improves and fixes uneven skin tone • prolongs and improves your already sun-kissed skin

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Biomimetic Peptide • Tripeptide 33 • Astaplancton Complex • NMF • SPF Medium

Code: S02

Capacity: 100ml