Uny Form

Regulating, anti-oxidant, bio-protective gel

This product is suitable for skin with irregular pigmentation. Specific active substances, contained in the product have anti-oxidant properties and the ability to affect the melanogenesis. Biochemical synergy of substances was used to support the ability to maintain uniform colour in the case of dyschromia and to reduce the risk of new hyperpigmentation spots on the areas of the skin being at potential risk. The product also prevents and protects the skin from sunburn, harmful influence of free radicals and UVA and UVB-induced cellular damage. 


BENEFITS: decreases the risk of onset of hyperpigmented spots • progressively reduces the discoloration on the face or other body areas • evens the colour of natural complexion and suntan • delays the onset of erythema • exhibits soothing and normalizing properties • reduces inflammation • exhibits antioxidant properties • protects the skin against the damage caused by the UV ray aggression

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Hexapeptide -42 • Dipeptide -1 • Nonapeptide -1 • Olive Oil • NMF

Code: PM3

Capacity: 100 ml