Firmin 30

Anti-wrinkle, firming, nourishing cream

Bioceutical product featuring highly concentrated active ingredients. Contains special active substances being the effect of the latest biotechnologies and the most advanced research on ageing of the skin. Their synergy of action supplies the skin with the biochemical components which are necessary for complete regeneration and reconstruction of the extracellular matrix - ECM. 


BENEFITS: increases skin density • improves firmness and elasticity of the skin • protects the skin against the harmful influence of free radicals, MMPs and glycation • reduces the appearance of fine lines and first wrinkles • smooths the facial features • maintains proper level of moisture • evens out your skin tone

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Carnosine • Silybum Marianum • Oligopeptide -20 • Tripeptide -3 • NMF • Tetrapeptide -11 • SPF Medium



Code: D12

Capacity: 50ml