Anti-wrinkle, regenerating, anti-catabolic cream

Anti-wrinkle multi-action cream. It combats all signs of skin ageing, both functional such as dehydration, skin discoloration, inefficient skin barrier, and structural such as flabbiness, wrinkles, enlarged pores, redness. Anti-wrinkle, protective and anti-stress effect depends on the telomere stabilization and the protection of DNA integrity. A noticeable improvement of the skin tissue quality is achieved by optimal cellular interaction and well-balanced anabolic and catabolic processes. 


BENEFITS: delays skin ageing and prolongs cell life by 1/3 • accelerates cellular regeneration • reduces fine lines and gradually fills in deep wrinkles • improves firmness and elasticity of the skin • regenerates and restores the dermoepidermal junction (DEJ) and the dermis • counteracts collagen fibres and elastin fibres degradation and degeneration • protects the skin against the harmful influence of free radicals • prevents damage to the skin cells caused by UV radiation • improves skin hydration • makes the skin smooth, uniform and compact.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Dipeptide -3 • Pentapeptide -4 • Tripeptide -1,10 • Renovage • SH-Polipeptide-15 • Lipoic Acid • Carnosine • Silybum Marianum • SPF Medium

Code: D19

Capacity: 50ml