Bio Rejuven AHAs 12% IDP-5

Bio-stimulating, smoothing cream

Cream with various actions suitable for normal skin treatment. Innovative product formula combines the synergy of specific active substances, giving an intensive bio-stimulating action, firming and energizing anabolic mechanisms responsible for the production of collagen, elastin and GAGs. Other substances present in the formulation support regenerative processes and protect the skin against the harmful influence of free radicals. 


BENEFITS: improves skin hydration, elasticity and firmness • makes the skin smooth and its colour uniform • gradually reduces fine lines and wrinkles • supports revitalization of metabolic mechanisms • has anti-oxidating properties

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Glycolic Acid • Malic Acid • Oligopeptide-20 (Nanocapsules) • Dipeptide-4 • SPF Medium

Code: D09

Capacity: 50ml