Re-tautening, revitalizing, regenerating cream

Specific cream recommended for the improvement of tautness, elasticity and firmness of the skin. Contains a number of peptides and active substances able to interact synergistically with the substances forming the basal membrane - DEJ. Effective simulation of the components restores structural integrity and molecular communication between the skin and the epidermis regenerates the components of the extracellular matrix - ECM. 


BENEFITS: improves cellular cohesion • improves skin tension and elasticity • increases thickness of the dermis and epidermis • rebuilds the dermoepidermal junction (DEJ) • improves skin firmness • fills out the existing wrinkles • makes the skin smooth and evens out your skin tone

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Tripeptide -1 • Protein Complex • Dipeptide -5,6 • DMAE • Renovage • Hexapeptide -10 • Ascorbyl Palmitate


Code: D22

Capacity: 50ml