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Cream regulating pigmented skin lesions and evening the skin colour

Cream intended for regulating the melanogenesis process and rapid removal of skin dyschromia. Rich product formula was developed in such a way, so as to work effectively on a few levels: it inhibits and regulates the production of melanin, facilitates the removal of hyper-pigmented cells, immediately makes the colour uniform and protects the skin from the factors associated with the hyperpigmentation problem. 


BENEFITS: facilitates gradual elimination of the skin dyschromia • evens out your skin tone • protects the skin against the factors causing the problem • combats inflammations, reducing the risk of hyperpigmentation

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Oligopeptide -34 • Peel Moist • Melanotropin-Inhibiting Hormone • Etioline 

Code: D18

Capacity: 15ml