Interactive Plus

Interactive Metabolic Booster

Unique bio-functional complex product whose original formula radically changes the way of treating the ageing skin, in particular problems connected with photo-ageing. Interactive plus demonstrates strong multidirectional dermatological activity in anti-ageing treatment. Its use allows us to reactivate energetic, generative, protective and reparative biological processes affecting the epidermis, dermis and DEJ (dermo-epidermal junction), for a total renovation and rejuvenation of the skin. Using this product can be combined with electroporation and electro-medical devices. 


BENEFITS: enhances synthesis of collagen • activates fibroblasts • has an effect on specific receptors • acts as an antioxidant and anti-glycation agent • inhibits MMPs • acts as a depigmenting agent • provides photoprotection against skin ageing • concurrently affects various anabolic and catabolic mechanisms • effectively prevents and fights damage caused by photo-ageing • stimulates deep renewal of the DEJ (dermoepidermal junction) and the ECM (extracellular matrix) and regenerates the epidermis

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: G-Factor P63 ® Natinuel has exclusive rights to this ingredient • Biomimetic Triplicate • PHA • AHAs • Malic Acid • Retinal • Idebenone • DMAE

Code: PS00

Capacity: 50 ml