Body Plus 25

Smoothing, firming, bio-stimulating body lotion

Body lotion suitable for daily treatment of hypotonic and horny skin. The product formula contains selected substances with high biochemical activity, able to interact with each other in a complete way to treat different aspects of skin imperfections. Diversified AHAs in a free form were combined with specific peptide responsible for intensive bio-stimulation of fibroblasts. 


BENEFITS: makes your skin smooth • accelerates cellular regeneration • simulates fibroblast cell growth • boosts production of new collagen, elastine fibres and GAGs • regenerates the components of the dermal-epidermal junction - DEJ and the extracellular matrix – ECM • improves firmness, elasticity and density of the skin

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Glycolic Acid • Gluconolactone • Malic Acid • Dermaxyl • Ascorbyl Palmitate • Mandelic Acid

Code: CD02

Capacity: 150ml