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Seba 12 AHA-BHA 12%

Fluid cream regulating acne lesions 

oily and acne-prone skin

The product intended for home treatment of oily acne skin. The selected active substances have bio-chemical properties and work complementarily, regulating the production of sebum. The product has antibacterial, keratolytic, cleansing and soothing action. These numerous properties contribute to the creation of functional and optimal conditions for regression and regulation of oily and acne skin. 


BENEFITS: removes blackheads • regulates the excessive production of sebum • reduces inflammation • facilitates acne regression • provides intensive cleansing • helps the skin to restore proper functions

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Sebosoft • AC.Net Complex • Sebomine SB12 • Azelaic Acid • Salicylic Acid • Glycolic Acid • Mandelic Acid • Vitamin PP • Allantoin 

Code: D17

Capacity: 50ml