Oxy 100

Oxygenating, energizing, regenerating cream

Innovative cream with oxygenating and reconstructing action Suitable for the care of weakened, underoxidized and dull skin. Owing to the extraordinary combination of OZONIDES with a special peptide, the skin tissue is oxygenated and moisturized. Once applied to the skin it frees oxygen which combines with hemoglobin to oxygenate the tissues to the level of muscles. The cream can be applied to improve wound healing and cicatrizing. It contributes to the reactivation and reorganization of multiple metabolic processes that are fundamental for a healthy and biologically younger skin. 


BENEFITS: improves oxidation of the cells • strengthens defence mechanisms of the skin • increases the level of ATP • accelerates healing of skin injuries and damage of various kinds • accelerates the wound healing process • exhibits disinfecting properties • stimulates metabolic mechanisms • improves vascularization of tissues

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Ozonides • Bio- Peptide 


Code: D28

Capacity: 50ml