Homeo Rose Mask

Anti-couperose, desensitizing, balancing mask

Professional mask designated for treatment of inflammatory skin and skin with couperose. Its unique formula has been developed to immediately stabilize the skin which is intensely reddened. Active substances contained in this product have an effect on various biochemical processes being the cause of discomfort, crucial either from aesthetic or functional point of view. The mask has a dual effect: after applying it, you can wash it away or leave on the skin until it absorbs into the skin, massaging delicately, just like the cream finishing the treatment.


BENEFITS: effectively eliminates the couperose problem • normalizes excessive microcirculation • seals the capillary walls • clearly reduces redness, including chronic redness • helps to prevent rosacea development • reduces skin sensitivity to temperature changes • strengthens the skin's protective barrier.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Chrys 2B • Vedacalmine • Shea Butter • Crystal Skin 1000


Code: P23

Capacity: 150 ml