Mando Complex 40

Cell re-modulator, anti-oxidant, smoothing

Highly effective product. Contains active substances having numerous revitalizing, moisturizing, bio-protective and anti-oxidant properties. Suitable for every skin type, including very delicate and sensitive skin. Can be successfully applied directly before or after a solarium tanning session or sun exposure. Does not cause discomfort in the form of a burning pain or reddening. Noticeably improves natural colour of complexion, enhances firmness and smoothens the skin. Can be used for treatments of acne and irritated skin or skin with irregular pigmentation. 


BENEFITS: has a rejuvenating action • revitalizes epidermal cells • smoothens, brightens up and firms up the skin • maintains the right level of moisture • normalizes skin irritations • supports normalization process of oily skin with enlarged pores • improves and make natural skin colour uniform • improves suntan quality and intensity

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Mandelic Acid • Gluconolactone • Lactobionic Acid • Malic Acid • Phytic Acid • Resveratrol 

Code: PM1

Capacity: 200 ml