Ance Stop

Emulsion which inhibits bacterial proliferation, regulates the excessive production of sebum and inhibits hyperkeratosis

Product featuring highly concentrated active ingredients which affect the four main factors causing various aesthetic and functional problems associated with oily skin, acne-prone skin and skin prone to blackheads. To help immediately restore balance to problematic skin, the product contains proper concentration of active ingredients which have been carefully selected based on their biochemical activity and synergistic effect. 


BENEFITS: regulates the excessive production of sebum • accelerates cellular regeneration • acts as a natural antibiotic (comparable to Clindamycin) • anti-bacterial • cleansing • anti-inflammatory • keratolytic • comedolytic action

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Vitamin PP (Niacin) • Retinal • Anti-Acne Complex • Salicylic Acid

Code: P15

Capacity: 50 ml