Acne Peeling

Sebo-regulating, anti-bacterial, keratolitic peel

Unique, professional exfoliating scrub designed to treat multiple symptoms of acne. Contains several active ingredients which exhibit keratolytic, antibacterial and sebostatic activity. A few treatments are sufficient to promote a speedy normalization and regression of acne skin. 


BENEFITS: regulates the excessive production of sebum • eliminates keratin plugs in the sebaceous glands and the skin pores • has antibacterial, antimicrobial, keratolytic and purifying properties • eliminates inflammatory conditions • accelerates the cellular replacement of the epidermis

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Retinal • Azelaic Acid • Salicylic Acid • Glycolic Acid • Mandelic Acid • Pyruvic Acid

Code: P14

Capacity: 50ml