Anti-photoaging, bio-regenerating cream

Cream with triple action, which has a complete effect on the skin damaged by UV radiation. Its innovative formula contains a growth factor combined with an aggregate of retinaldehyde and idebenone with slow release and a specific peptide having an enhanced bio-protective action. Synergic action of given substances stimulates the replacement of damaged tissues and total regeneration of the skin, the basal membrane - DEJ and the epidermis. 


BENEFITS: eliminates damaged cells • facilitates complete regeneration of structural components of the skin on various levels • protects collagen, elastin and cellular DNA against harmful UV radiation • facilitates gradual elimination of deep wrinkles and fine lines • improves skin tension, elasticity and firmness • evens out your skin tone • stimulates metabolic processes (anabolic and catabolic) • restores smoothness, softness and radiance to your skin

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Polipeptide -11 • Preventelia • Idebenone • Vitamin E • Retinal • Acquaxil 



Code: D21

Capacity: 50ml