Top Gel

Bio-protective gel with congestion reducing properties, highlighting skin tone

Specific product designed to optimize and highlight both suntan and natural colour of complexion, which concurrently makes it possible to maintain and regulate the skin barrier homeostasis. It has many functions: enhances the skin protection system, effectively protects cellular structures, in particular cell DNA against harmful effect of UV rays and fights free radicals. Soothes irritations, prevents photo-ageing and dryness of the skin. 


BENEFITS: improves aesthetic and chromatic parameters of suntan and natural skin colour • stimulates biological reparative and regenerating mechanisms • strengthens the protection of cell DNA • fights free radicals • has a complex anti-oxidant action • strengthens the skin immune system • soothes irritations and skin dryness • protects capillaries • increases skin resistance to redness 

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Tetrapeptide -2 (Biomimetic Peptide) • Venuceane • DNAGE (biotech-derived ingredient) • Melano Bronze


Code: PM2

Capacity: 200 ml