Rx50 Synergic Peel

Synergic energizing, bio-stimulating, optimizing, anti-oxidant peel

Peel which takes advantage of the synergy of action of nine substances that interact ­complementarily. In order to enable an interactive action at different skin levels, Rx50 interacts with corneodesmosomes­ ­and concurrently has an anti-oxidant and chelate action, and protects cellular DNA. Improves oxygen absorption by cells, accelerates metabolism and supports restoration of balance between biochemical reactions taking place in the skin. 


BENEFITS: revitalizes the cellular replacement of the epidermis • enhances the cellular energy level • revitalizes fibroblasts • stimulates production of collagen and elastin,

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Pyruvic Acid • Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid • Succinic Acid • Ferulic Acid • Phytic Acid • Amino Acids 


Code: P32

Capacity: 6x3ml / 6x3ml