Hydra Gen

Intensively moisturizing cream – three-phased, regenerating

Cream intended for complex moisturizing treatment. Owing to intensive action on three levels, it moisturizes in three phases, starting from the horny layer, through the epidermis to the dermis. Improves the compaction and elasticity of the horny layer, protects against harmful effect of external factors. 


BENEFITS: protects the skin and ensures proper surface and deep hydration • regenerates and strengthens the skin barrier • improves the elasticity of the horny layer • ensures optimal protection against adverse effect of harmful external factors • prevents irritations caused by lack of moisture

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Hydraprotectol- SM •  NSLE • Trealix Complex • Phytic Acid • Phosphatidylcholine • SPF Medium 


Code: D06

Capacity: 50ml