Homeo Rose Serum

Anti-couperose, anti-inflammatory anti-redress serum

Product recommended for the care of couperose skin, intensively red skin areas and skin affected by acne rosacea. Its formula has been designed to ensure that all the ingredients interact with one another thus exerting their action on various skin conditions and problems and promoting skin normalization. Contains a number of active substances which facilitate the normalization of inflammation processes, reduce enlarged blood vessels and microvascular permeability, strengthen capillary walls and diminish skin sensitivity to temperature changes. 


BENEFITS: effectively eliminates the couperose problem • normalizes excessive microcirculation • seals the capillary walls • clearly reduces redness, including chronic redness • helps to prevent rosacea development • reduces skin sensitivity to temperature changes • strengthens the skin's protective barrier. 

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: VPG-factor S15® Natinuel has exclusive rights to this ingredient.• Regu-Complex • Crystal Skin1000

Code: P22

Capacity: 30 ml