Age Spot Serum

Serum that regulates melanogenesis and lightens discolorations

This innovative serum formula is based on arbutin, phytic acid and retinaldehyde. Synergy of the aforementioned three active substances affects the process of melanogenesis, reducing excessive production of melanin. 


BENEFITS: exhibits antioxidant properties • acts as an effective chelating agent for heavy metals, especially copper - as a result this metal ion is inaccessible to the tyrosinase • inhibits tyrosinase (inhibits the action of this enzyme not its formation) • lightens up spots and discolorations • turns melanin produced by melanocytes into discoloured pigments, which allows for lightening already existing hyperpigmented patches of skin until they are completely removed • enhances transformation of melanocytes into keratinocytes, helps to remove and disperse melanin granules in melanocytes

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Phytic Acid • Arbutin • Retinal (cyclodextrins)


Code: P28

Capacity: 50 ml