Vital Mud

Draining, anti-cellulite, purifying, firming

Mud characterized by high biological activity, which is achieved owing to high content of minerals and oligo-elements associated with algae, aescin, caffeine, theophylline and theobromine. Facilitates the removal of the surplus of fluids and toxins, reducing puffiness and stimulating microcirculation. Supports the cellular replacement and activates metabolic processes, which enables the reduction of fat deposits and the improvement of blood circulation. 


BENEFITS: works as a drainage system and purifies the skin • improves blood circulation and the skin immune system • activates metabolic processes at multiple levels • facilitates reduction of cellulite

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Fucus Vesiculosus • Laminaria Digitata • Sea salts • Aescin • Theophylline • Caffeine • Theobromine 

Code: C09

Capacity: 1000 ml