Interactive Serum

Metabolic activator, bio restructuring

Bio-functional complex featuring highly concentrated active ingredients. The original composition of this product radically changes the way your skin ages. This innovative metabolic booster ensures deep and complete regeneration and renewal of the skin. The serum activates biological mechanism of the skin such as regenerative, energy transfer, protective and reparative processes of the epidermis, the dermis and the dermal-epidermal junction - DEJ.


BENEFITS: enhances the synthesis of collagen fibres • activates fibroblasts • acts on specific receptors • exhibits antioxidant, anti-glycation properties, reduces the level of MMPs 2-9 • acts as a depigmenting agent, protects the skin against biological changes occurring in photoaging • protects and effectively repairs the damage caused by the UV ray aggression •  rebuilds the dermal-epidermal junction - DEJ as well as  the extracellular matrix (ECM) components and the cells of the epidermis

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Biomimetic Triplicate • PHA • AHAs (cyclosystem) • Malic Acid • Retinal • G-Factor P63 • Idebenone • Pentapeptide -31


Code: D29

Capacity: 30ml