Moisturizing, anti-oxidant, cell restoring products

The treatment causes a delicate and homogeneous exfoliation of the epidermis, leaving the skin smooth and bright. Retinol is an alcoholic form of vitamin A, intensively rebuilds keratinocytes stimulating the cellular replacement. The peeling synergically interacts with vitamin PP – a substance having numerous positive properties and with ferulic acid – an intensive anti-oxidant and bio-protective substance. After only a few treatments your epidermis will be rejuvenated, moisturized and firmed up. It all adds up to noticeable aesthetic effects. 


BENEFITS: regenerates the epidermis • supports the cellular replacement through delicate and homogeneous exfoliation • moisturizes • eliminates the first symptoms of skin ageing • facilitates elimination of skin discolorations • supports normalization of mixed skin (oily and dry) • makes your skin firm and smooth • strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin helping it grow more resilient to adverse environmental factors • protects the cellular DNA • improves bioactivity of fibroblasts • has anti-oxidant properties

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Retinol • Vitamin PP • Ferulic Acid • Hyaluronic Acid • Vitamin E • Lipochroman -6 • Idebenone • Ascorbosilane C (Ascorbic Acid + Silicon)

Code: P31

Capacity: 6x2ml / 3x5ml